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Economic Globalization is a true sense of the interdependence, and has become an irreversible trend of the world...

—— Cheng Siwei, Chairman of IFF


Paul volcker, as international financial forum (IFF) common chairman, he says: the international financial forum (IFF)...

—— Paul Volcker Co-Chair of IFF


China is playing an important role in G20 and in the international financial reform, to which IFF has made tremendous contributions.

—— Jean-Claude Trichet, IFF Co-chairman


It's my great honor to be an IFF Co-chairman; I hope to make due contribution to the internationalization of IFF.

—— Kevin Michael Rudd, IFF Co-chairman


I am pleased to see that specific efforts are being made to identify good practices and IFFthat will help to advance societal progress.

—— Kofi A. Annan, UN Secretary-general (2003)


I am pleased to extend warm greetings to all participants of international financial forums, the meeting was held...

—— Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General


On this occasion of the opening of the International Finance Forum, I want to sincerely wish all of the partici...

—— Tony Blair, the Former Prime Minister of UK


It's my pleasure to welcome everyone in attendance at IFF. This forum addresses the financial challenges facin...

—— Jean Chretien, Former Prime Minister, Canada


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