Dialogue with Paul Volcker
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Hosted by the International Finance Forum, dialogue with “Paul Volcker” theme conference will be held in Shanghai. The world’s famous financial leader Mr. Paul Volcker will attend to the conference as a keynote speaker, with a topic of “ Financial Reform and Economic Recovery” Chairman of the Standing Committee of NPC, Cheng Siwei will facilitate to the dialogue.

The speech will be held in the context of the international financial crisis is still developing, China’s financial reform is deepening. The theme of the conference “Financial Reform and Economic Recovery” has brought great attention to China’s financial sector. The chairman of the National Council for Social Security Fund, IFF Executive Vice President Dai Xianglong; the International Monetary Fund Vice President Zhu Min; the U.S. Treasury Department’s Economic and Financial emissary to China, David dollar; will also attend the meeting as special guests to Paul Volcker’s theme conversation.

As co-chair of the International Finance Forum (IFF), Mr. Paul Volcker served as former Chairman of U.S Federal Reserve, Chairman of Economic Recovery Advisory Board for the U.S. President. He won widespread praise in the world’s financial field. During the financial crisis, he was pointed by President Barack Obama to head a White House advisory board to oversee the new administration’s policies for stabilizing financial markets, and promulgated “ The Volcker’s rule”

The conference opens the prelude of a series of IFF 2012 activities.IFF will promote a number of conferences to continue promote communications, focusing on the financial sector between China and rest of world.

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